PyWeek Results are In!

Tartley organised a team for the latest PyWeek competition. Our team consisted of some current Resolver employees (me and tartley) and some ex-employees (mjs0 and xtian). The results are in

Overall, out of a field of 54, we placed 15th on Fun, 33rd on Innovation and 23rd on Production. I'm delighted with our Fun place and I think our Production place is largely due to tartley's excellent colouring of my crappy wireframe ducks and xtian's brilliant duck sound-effects. I think a not-so-good placing in Innovation is entirely justified for a game that started from the sentence "Let's make a game like Joust"

We all had a great time doing this and I, for one, would love to take part in the next one.

Edit: Forgot to mention the team name - BrokenSpell

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